Module 2: Modern Online Research Techniques for Academic and Professional Success


This course is designed to equip students and professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to carry out successful research using online resources. The course covers a wide range of topics, including online research fundamentals, effective search strategies, using academic search engines, citation and referencing, and more. In addition, the course will introduce and integrate software tools such as Mendeley, Grammarly, and more to make research more efficient and effective.


The Modern Online Research Techniques for Academic and Professional Success course is a comprehensive and interactive online course that will teach students and professionals how to conduct successful research using online resources. The course is designed to be interactive, with a mix of video lectures, quizzes, assignments, and discussions that will help students develop a deep understanding of the material covered.


By taking the Modern Online Research Techniques for Academic and Professional Success course, students will be able to conduct research using online resources with confidence and efficiency. They will learn how to use academic search engines effectively, identify and evaluate credible sources, and use citation and referencing tools correctly. In addition, students will be introduced to software tools such as Mendeley and Grammarly to help them manage and improve their research writing.


Module 1: Online Research Fundamentals

  • Introduction to online research

  • Research question formulation

  • Types of online sources

  • Identifying credible sources

Module 2: Effective Search Strategies

  • Basic and advanced search techniques

  • Boolean operators

  • Truncation and wildcards

  • Search Filters

Module 3: Using Academic Search Engines

  • Introduction to academic search engines

  • Using Google Scholar, JSTOR, ResearchGate, and other academic search engines

  • Evaluating search results

  • Refining searches

Module 4: Citation and Referencing

  • Introduction to citation and referencing

  • Citation styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, etc.)

  • Managing and organizing references

  • Using citation and referencing software tools (Mendeley, Zotero, EndNote)

Module 5: Enhancing Research Writing

  • Common writing issues in research

  • Using Grammarly to improve research writing

  • Using readability tools

  • Collaborative writing tools

Module 6: Ethics and Plagiarism

  • Ethics in research

  • Understanding plagiarism

  • Avoiding plagiarism

  • Tools for detecting plagiarism

Quizzes, Practicals, Resources, and Graded Tests

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